Officer of the Quarter: October 15, 2022 – January 14, 2023


On September 6, 2022, Officer Douglas Katz was selected as Officer of the Quarter (OOQ) for the period of October 15, 2022 to January 14, 2023. Additionally, Officer Katz is the first officer to receive this recognition for the second time since the Officer of the Quarter program was created!

The Officer of the Quarter program is in place to recognize officers who understand, embrace, support, and further the Fairfield Police Department’s mission to “Make Fairfield Safer”. Certain character traits have been identified by the supervisory staff as being critically important to carrying out our mission. These character traits are as follows:

  • Attitude
  • Personality
  • Initiative
  • Fitness and appearance
  • Job Proficiency

Officer Katz has displayed the following traits in order to be recognized with this prestigious recognition:

  • Personality – Officer Katz since joining the department has been known to be reliable and dependable on any assigned shift. He has developed a great working relationship with his peers and supervisors alike. Officer Katz has shown determination and persistence with the way he is driven to see his investigations through to completion. His reliability and compassion with citizens are a true testament to Officer Katz’s character.
  • Attitude – Officer Katz always shows up for work upbeat and ready for any assignment placed upon him. He is always volunteering to take on additional assignments and goes out of his way to assist other officers. Officer Katz always tries to be a positive role model. Off Katz’s willingness to take on tasks and challenge himself makes him a valuable asset for the direct supervisors.
  • Fitness and Appearance – Officer Katz is able to keep himself physically fit and shows up every day looking prepared and ready for duty.
  • Initiative – Off Katz takes the initiative on all of his investigations, and looks to pursue them as far as he can take them before handing them off. Officer Katz is knowledgeable and is able to complete his investigations with little supervision.
  • Job Proficiency – Officer Katz has maintained a high level of work since joining the force and has continuously challenged himself.  He has a thorough understanding of motor vehicle and criminal law and knows how to apply it accordingly. Officer Katz has a strong ability to interact positively with citizens and represent the best face of the agency. He is detail oriented and takes great pride in his work.

It is also important to recognize Officer Katz’s performance under pressure, as well as his resilience, as shown in many recent high-stress incidents and investigations. It is our pleasure to present Officer Douglas Katz with his second Officer of the Quarter Award.

Congratulations Officer Douglas Katz!!