Police Athletic League

Fairfield PAL was founded on April 14, 1946 by Sergeant Thomas Murphy and Chief James Kranyik.  Recognizing the need for closer police-youth understanding and cooperation, they called together a group of interested townspeople who formed a group known as The Fairfield Junior Police Advisory Council.  The original purpose of the Council was to provide badges, belts, hats, raincoats, and instruction to the schools for the Junior Police Safety Patrol which was made up of eighth grade boys.  As the town grew, so did the needs and interests of its youth.  On May 8, 1958, the name was changed to The Fairfield Police Athletic League and they affiliated with the National PAL on September 15, 1959.  William Winburn was elected President and served in that role for more than thirty years.  Ed Reilly then served for more than 20 years as President.  The goals of PAL were then, as they are now, to provide positive activities for the youth in town and to promote positive interaction with the police department.

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