Professional Standards

The Office of Professional Standards provides protection to the public with regard to improper police actions and protection to the Fairfield Police Department and its employees against unwarranted accusations of misconduct. Professional Standards exists to safeguard the high degree of integrity required to provide quality police services to the community and to maintain public trust.

Professional Standards performs such duties for the chief of police including but not limited to internal affairs investigations, policy writing, policy and incident review, and grant writing.  Further, Professional Standards coordinates the department’s internship program for eligible college students wishing to earn credit and learn about the field of law enforcement.

Lieutenant Felix Esposito joined the Fairfield Police Department in 2003.  While at the police academy, he was awarded the T.F.C. Allan J. Tuskowski Award for attaining the highest overall level of performance in each of the police academy’s training categories, including academics, shooting, and physical fitness.

Upon graduation, Lieutenant Esposito was initially assigned to the Patrol Division and, in 2008, was promoted to the rank of sergeant.  While there, Lieutenant Esposito served as the Field Training Coordinator, overseeing the department’s field training program, and was a member of the department’s Emergency Services Unit.

In 2018, Lieutenant Esposito was assigned to the Special Services Division, where he supervised traffic and accident investigation officers.  In 2019, Lieutenant Esposito was assigned as the department’s training officer, where he has supervised all aspects of the department’s Training Division.

Lieutenant Esposito is a POST certified instructor in Constitutional Law and Search & Seizure, and conducts regular training classes at the Fairfield Police Department and elsewhere.

Upon his promotion to Lieutenant, he was be assigned as the Commander of the Professional Standards Division, where he is responsible for conducting internal affairs investigations, oversee department policy implementation and accreditation efforts.