School Safety Unit Bids Farewell to Officer


School Safety Unit Says Goodbye to Devoted Officer

It is with mixed emotions that the Fairfield Police Department and the School Safety Division say goodbye to one of our most devoted and dearly loved employees, Officer Jenna Victoria.  While we are joyful to see Officer Victoria and her family move on to new adventures in life, we are sorrowful to endure their absence.

Officer Victoria has served as a Fairfield Police Officer for nearly 11 years. This may not seem like a long time, but Officer Victoria made the most of it by being involved and innovative, helping to build programs that have touched many lives in many ways.

Officer Victoria was one of our first officers to receive Crisis Intervention Training, becoming one of our first “CIT’s” providing specialized services to the members of our community struggling with mental health issues. Officer Victoria was a key player in turning a few officers with CIT training into a fully functional CIT program. Extensive field work, research, training, and networking built a CIT program that other agencies nationwide aspire to achieve. As an innovator of our CIT program, Officer Victoria has an article published in “Police Chief Magazine,” which showcases the uniqueness of our CIT program.

Officer Victoria was a DARE officer for several years, where she first began working with our youth, educating them on constructive and effective ways of facing the unique pressures, stressors, and safety issues that affect them. Following the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, Officer Victoria was asked to continue her role as an educator to our youth, while adopting a wide variety of new tasks and participating in a new holistic approach to increasing the safety and security of all Fairfield schools. At this time, Officer Victoria joined the School Safety Division and proudly accepted her new and evolving roles.

As a school safety officer, Officer Victoria co-created and implemented the Fairfield Police Department’s “SHAPE” program (Safety, Health, and Positive Environment). The SHAPE program effectively replaced DARE by continuing the core educational components of DARE, while allowing officers the flexibility of interacting with youth in new and interesting ways, and at every age level. Our SHAPE program has reached an estimated 10,000 youth in just 3 short years since it was created. If you look around you will see many of our youth proudly wearing their SHAPE T-shirts around town!

A few short paragraphs cannot effectively paint the true picture of care, commitment, professionalism, and overall excellence of Officer Victoria’s service to our agency and our community. She will be missed by her friends, and her absence will be felt by those she proudly served as a Fairfield Police Officer. We wish her and her family health, happiness, and prosperity in this next phase of their lives. Jenna, good luck and God bless you and your family!

Letter from:
Lt. Edward J. Weihe, Jr. #114

School Safety Division Commander


Officer Victoria Bids Farewell to Students

I hope everyone is having a safe and happy summer! I wanted to take a moment to let you know my family and I are moving out of state, so I will be leaving the Fairfield Police Department after almost 11 years of service. We are very excited about our journey and the adventures that lie ahead!

I am very grateful for all of the wonderful opportunities the Fairfield Police Department has given me through the years. I especially appreciate the opportunity to work in the School Safety Division with Fairfield’s public and private schools. I feel fortunate to have met so many wonderful people along the way!

To all of my former SHAPE students and others whose paths crossed mine: I want to leave you with three important pieces of advice. First, as you go through life and are faced with decisions, challenges, or problems I hope you think of what you learned in the SHAPE program. I especially hope you remember to “Stop and Think!” because if you do, you will make a better decision! Second, treat others with respect; you don’t have to be best friends with everybody, but use your empathy skills and try to imagine how others feel. Lastly, find ways to help others and be kind because in doing so, you help to make our world a better place.

Wishing you all the best!

Letter from:
Officer Jennifer Victoria #58

School Safety Officer