Letter to Parents Concerning Juvenile Behavior at Branch Library

Letter to Parents from the School Safety Division concerning Library usage and behavior of juveniles at the Fairfield Woods Branch Library:

Dear Parents,

Our town libraries are wonderful community resources that should be accessible to community members of all ages. The Fairfield Woods Branch Public Library welcomes youth patronage, and strives to preserve an atmosphere of safety and respect among all patrons. As of late, staff and patrons have been reporting an increase in rude, intimidating, and physically obstructive behaviors by juveniles loitering without legitimate purpose. The following issues and concerns have been connected to these behaviors:

  • Vandalism/destruction of library property
  • Disruption/deterrence to elderly patrons
  • Danger to the safety of the children (climbing on ledges and tampering with electrical panels)
  • Liability to the library

The Fairfield Police Department will begin to take enforcement action on these issues. We ask that you speak with your children about the safety and legal ramifications associated with these behaviors.

We hope not to discourage youth interest in accessing library services. We only hope to encourage legitimate use of the library as a community resource while maintaining a safe, respectful, and positive environment for all patrons. We thank you in advance for your assistance in this endeavor.

Lt. Edward J. Weihe
Fairfield Police Department
School Safety Unit Supervisor