Special Services Bureau


Peter Koval

Special Services Bureau Commander

(203) 254-4823

Allison Murphy
Administrative Assistant
(203) 254-4890

Bureau Contact Information

Lieutenant Hector Irizarry
Administrative Lieutenant
(203) 254-4652

Sergeant Evan Kaesmann
Traffic Safety &
Crash Investigation Supervisor

(203) 254-4811

Units & Responsibilities

Responsibilities include:

Emergency Communications

The Fairfield Emergency Communications Center (ECC) is a combined and centralized 911 call center and answering point for both emergency and non-emergency requests for Police, Fire and Medical services in the Town of Fairfield, Connecticut. The ECC receives and processes nearly 250,000 telephone calls from the general public annually. In addition, they process thousands of requests via radio from Fairfield Police Officers and Firefighters along with a multitude of other law enforcement and public safety agencies including the towns surrounding Fairfield, the Connecticut State Police, Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University Public Safety Departments, the United States Coast Guard and more.  ECC personnel are responsible for monitoring approximately thirty radio channels at any given time.

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School Safety Unit

The School Safety Unit is responsible for creating a physical presence at assigned school(s) and school related events.  School Safety Officers serve as an informational resource to staff, students, and parents on safety information and interpretation of law.  The unit is also responsible for the implementation of new safety and law curriculum and to serve as an educator to the student population at assigned schools.  The school unit further aides in enhancing physical security and security procedures at assigned schools and periodically assessing, identifying and reporting vulnerabilities at assigned schools.

Responsibilities includes management of:

  • School Safety Officers
  • School Recourse Officers
  • Crossing Guards
  • SHAPE Program

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