Traffic Safety Unit

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If you have any traffic related concerns please feel free to contact the Traffic Safety Unit at:

General Phone:
(203) 254-4850

Traffic Safety Supervisor:
Sergeant Evan Kaesmann
(203) 254-4811

(203) 254-4543

About the Unit:

The Fairfield Police Department is committed to making the streets of Fairfield safe for all people who travel on our roads every day by combating distracted driving as well as all other traffic violations.  The Fairfield Police Department continually educates the public through public relation articles, community programs, and specialized courses held at the police department.  The Traffic Enforcement Unit was created in 2004 and acts on complaints from residents and conducts a variety of traffic studies throughout town. The goal of this unit is to reduce accidents, increase the safety of our roads, increase driver compliance with motor vehicle laws and answer citizen complaints.

Traffic Enforcement Requests:

Citizens who would like to request traffic enforcement in their neighborhood may submit a request through the Town of Fairfield’s Citizen Service Request System. The Traffic Enforcement Unit will review the request and determine the best action to take to meet your concerns.  In addition, you may review activity taken on your request at any time by logging into the system.

Before submitting a request, please review Frequently Asked Questions.

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Car Seat Safety :

The Fairfield Police Department is dedicated to providing the public with information pertaining to the safety of child passengers in vehicles.  Our Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians will demonstrate and explain to caregivers about the proper selection, installation and use of car seats, booster seats and proper use of seatbelts.

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