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The Office of Public Affairs also provides the following services and programs for residents and businesses within Fairfield.  For information on any of these programs, please contact the Office of Public Affairs.

Home Security Survey: Home and business security assessments to prevent vulnerabilities. Practical and useful information to heighten security consciousness, and create an effective, target hardened environment designed to resist crime opportunist.  Click here for Crime Prevention Tips

Identity Theft Presentations: Highlighting current and past trends of I.D. thefts and scams carried out by criminals. Discussions geared toward reducing victimization and increasing knowledge. Proven techniques taught to reduce your chances of becoming a target of scammers.  Click here for Identity Theft Prevention Tips

Crime Informational Forum: Community meetings engaging topics of interest and or concerns to the citizens with regards to crime, safety, etc. These meetings are designed to engage the public in serious discussions involving community problems or changes with regards to police services rendered. These can included any member of the police department including the Chief and Deputy Chief of Police.  Click here for Crime Prevention Tips

Special Interest Group Tours: Tours arranged through public affairs that highlight the work of the police department. Emphasis placed on the different functions throughout the department that result in police services to the community.

Police Auction Car/Boat Ride: In the spirit of giving, this community outreach fundraiser certificate helps group’s raise money by auctioning off a police car/boat ride. All proceeds go to the charity of choice.