Neighborhood Watch Program

NeighborhoodWatch.gifThe Neighborhood Watch is a comprehensive crime prevention program intended to educate the community on matters of safety, emergency management and crime prevention.  Team leaders are developed and thoroughly informed on important matters regarding specific problems in your neighborhood.  The goal of this program is to effectively educating the public and promote a safe and security minded environment.

The Neighborhood Watch prepares team leaders to identify suspicious activity, vehicles, and persons and provides them with the skills and information necessary to convey specific details to the emergency communications center.  In turn, this ensures the prioritizing of calls for service and the appropriate officer response.

5 Steps to Starting a Neighborhood Watch                                          

  1. Recruit and organize as many neighbors as possible
  2. Contact the Fairfield Police Department and schedule a meeting
  3. Discuss community concerns and develop an action plan
  4. Hold regular meetings and train community members
  5. Implement a phone tree and take actions steps
What are some of the benefits of starting a Watch Group?                               

  • Improved Communications and Partnerships with Law Enforcement
  • Reduction in Crime
  • A More Secure and Better Prepared Neighborhood
  • A More United Community
For more information on the Neighborhood Watch Program, contact the Office of Public Affairs.