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Cadets1-300x159.jpgThe Fairfield Police Cadet Program is an official program of the Fairfield Police Department, associated with the North East Regional Law Enforcement Association (NEERLEA) to expose young men and women (ages 13-21) to the vast career choices available in Law Enforcement today. Many of our alumni have continued to successfully achieve positions in local Law Enforcement, State Police Departments, as well as Federal appointments with Law Enforcement agencies throughout the country. You can see a complete list of Fairfield Police Cadet Program Alumni here.

Cadets learn in both the classroom and field environment, including actual “hands-on” field experience. Weekly meeting presentations including training on police duties, Forensic Science, Self Defense, k9 Demonstrations, Communication, Courtroom procedure, Investigation, Report Writing, Ethics, Firearm Safety, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Crisis Negotiation, Governmental Law, Emergency Management, Interview/Oral Board, Resume/Cover Letter writing, Building Searches, and more!

Official Fairfield Police Cadet Website


The Fairfield Police Cadet Program (formerly known as Police Explorers) has been a part of the Fairfield Police Department since 1970s. The goal of the Cadet Program is to educate youth from ages 14-21 about the different aspects of Law Enforcement while also providing leadership opportunities and hands on experience. The Cadet Program is not just for those who want to become police officers, as many of our alumni have gone on to become nurses, attorneys, tradesman, and military officers. The key component of the Cadet Program is to teach self-sufficiency and decision making skills to its members.


Fairfield Police Cadets Website:  www.fairfieldcadets.com
Northeast Regional Law Enforcement Educational Association:  www.nerleea.org

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