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As a part of the Fairfield Police Department's innovative approach to community care, where traditional law enforcement meets compassionate intervention, we introduced a groundbreaking initiative in December 2022 by introducing Jessica Bloomberg, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and retired Stamford Police Officer, into our ranks.

Jessica embodies a unique blend of expertise, seamlessly merging her extensive experience as a police officer with her passion for mental health and addiction services. This dual perspective allows her to navigate the delicate intersection of law enforcement and community well-being with finesse.

As the embedded LCSW for the Fairfield Police Department, Jessica assumes a pivotal role in spearheading initiatives aimed at enhancing services for the Town of Fairfield, particularly in the realms of mental health and addiction support. Her primary mission is to expedite consumer access to timely interventions, resulting in more comprehensive and effective responses to behavioral health calls for service.

Key Responsibilities and Contributions:

  • Co-facilitator of the Juvenile Review Board (JRB): Collaborating with the Fairfield Parks and Recreation Department, Jessica plays a crucial role in guiding the Juvenile Review Board. By combining her social work acumen with community resources, she actively contributes to creating supportive environments for the town's youth.

  • Law Enforcement Liaison: Serving as a supportive liaison for law enforcement partners, Jessica fosters a bridge between the community and the police force. Her role involves effective communication and collaboration, ensuring a unified approach to addressing mental health crises in the community.

  • Field Mental Health Evaluations: Jessica conducts and documents mental health evaluations in the field, providing on-the-spot assessments that inform subsequent interventions. This hands-on approach ensures that individuals in crisis receive prompt and appropriate care.

  • Collaborative Crisis Resolution: When mental health crisis calls arise, Jessica works seamlessly with law enforcement partners, employing a collaborative approach to resolution. Her presence and expertise contribute to creating a supportive and understanding environment during challenging situations.

  • Referral to Mental Health Services: As a dedicated advocate for mental health, Jessica guides individuals towards the appropriate mental health services, ensuring they receive the care they need to navigate their unique challenges.

  • Community Integration: Jessica works closely with colleagues and community-based providers to guarantee clients and their families have access to timely, high-quality care and services. This collaborative effort includes follow-ups to ensure ongoing support and connection.

In embracing Jessica Bloomberg as the Fairfield Police Department's Social Worker, the community gains a compassionate advocate committed to fostering holistic well-being and creating a more resilient and supportive environment for all residents. Jessica's unique background and skill set make her an invaluable asset to the Fairfield community, bringing a new dimension to the department's commitment to public service.


LCSW - Bloomberg
Jessica Bloomberg, LCSW