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About Fairfield Police

The Fairfield Police Department remains dedicated to maintaining a safe community and strives to achieve that mission through Professionalism, Honor and Excellence.

Law Enforcement in Fairfield began in 1661 when the Town Marshall was appointed. Throughout the years, the Town Marshall eventually became the Town Constable and the position was elected rather than appointed. In 1926, the shooting of Constable Hezekiah Elwood prompted the drafting of an ordinance creating the Fairfield Police Department. In 1930, the ordinance was overwhelmingly passed and the Fairfield Police Department was organized under the leadership of its first chief, Arthur J. Bennett. The original Police Department consisted of 7 officers.  The Fairfield Police Department now employs 108 Sworn Police Officers, approximately 100 authorized Special Agents, 15 Telecommunicators, 4 Animal Control Officers, 7 Marina Guards, 6 full-time and several part-time civilian personnel.  The department is organized into several divisions/bureaus, each performing separate and vital functions within the department.